An Analysis of Peer Corrective Feedback on Writing Recount Texts for Indonesian EFL University Students

  • mohammad fatoni Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sunan Giri
Keywords: Peer corrective feedback, recount text, writing components


This study aims to analyse of peer corrective feedback on recount text for Indonesian EFL University Students. The use of peer corrective feedback was analyzed descriptively and the university students’ recount writings were analyzed in term of vocabulary, grammar and language use. Results of the analysis reveals that peer corrective feedback depends on how the lecturer does setting and training of how to edit their peer writings. Although peer corrective feedback technique emphasizes on the university students center and collaborative learning, the role of the lecturer is significantly needed to train them how to use it. From 10 university students’ recount texts analyzed, peer corrective feedback also influenced  peer writing in term of vocabulary 5 univeristy students (50%), language use 6 university students (60%) and mechanics 3 university students (30%). They are easily correct vocabulary and language use than mechanics because they assume mechanics is not important in their writings and also doesn’t change the meaning significantly.