Author Guidelines

You can download the writing guide / journal templates on the link below:



  1. Elements that should be in the article: title, abstract, keyword, introduction, discussion, closing, and bibliography.
    Title: specific and effective (maximum of 14 words in Indonesian article or 9 words in English article).
    Author Identity: consists of author name, college name and address, and email address.
    Abstract: one paragraph (about half a page), written one space in Indonesian and English with essence essence of writing.
    Keywords: maximum of five words which is the subject matter of the article. Written in Indonesian and English.
    Introduction: background of academic problems / problems and urgency of discussion / writing
    Discussion: directly detailed to sub-subtitles in accordance with the subject of the article object.
    Closing: contains answers or answers to the issues being studied
  2. Articles are written with Letter paper, 2 columns, Times New Roman letters (12), spaces (1), up to 10 pages.
  3. Articles are written using standard terms and Indonesian language is good and true.
  4. The writing of foreign words (which have not been absorbed in Indonesian) is written in italics, and specifically for the name of the language derived from Arabic in addition to italics written also written using Arabic-Latin transliteration.
  5. The manuscript was written using the IEEE 2006 bodynote.
  6. Referral writing (References) is arranged numerically by containing the name of the author, title book / journal / magazine, city where the contents, name of publisher, year publication, and pages. This can be seen in the Journal templates.
  7. For a more complete guide, please be up to the Journal templates.
  8. Disorientation of manuscripts written using ZOTERO or MENDELEY software as a management reference.